Few words about us

Our mission

Operation Rainbow has been providing medical missions in the Philippines for approximately 25 years. Operation Rainbow is a non profit organisation, which provides specialist Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at no cost to children in the Philippines. The cost of the treatment is borne by Operation Rainbow. Each medical mission is staffed with a team of dedicated Australian skilled volunteers. To conduct the mission we rely solely on donations.

All donations are used 100% for our missions. We have no administrative costs as all our members are volunteers who donate their time and resources. Each operation costs approximately $300 so most missions have an overall costs of $30,000 for 100 cases.

Our goal

Provide surgical and medical care to underserved children of the Philippines, who have limited or no access to it, and who cannot afford it.

There are approximately 5000 children born with cleft lip and palate each year in the Philippines.

Very few families can afford to pay to have surgery performed on their children. International missions, including ORAL treat around 3000 children each year. It is estimated that there are up to 80 000 untreated cleft patients in the Philippines. In some remote rural communities, the superstitious and cultural belief is that the condition is caused by the mother being cursed by a buffalo (Carabao) during pregnancy.

The impact of having corrective surgery for cleft lip and palate on individual, their family and their community cannot be overemphasised. Until their lips are repaired, many of these children do not go to school and become ostracised. These children often remain illiterate and have limited opportunities

The psychological effect of cleft deformities is immeasurable.

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